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Sanitation and the poor

Author(s): Scott, Rebecca  |  Cotton, Andrew  |  Govindan, Beenakumari

Publisher: WEDC | LSHTM | IRC
Place of publication: Loughborough | London | Delft, The Netherlands
Year: 2003

Series: WELL Studies in Water, Sanitation and Environmental Health Task SAN
Collection(s): WELL


This document aims to show the importance of sanitation in eliminating poverty. It identifies the key challenges in relation to achieving the international sanitation target - to halve the number of people without access to basic sanitation by 2015 - and looks at the processes at the national level which are required in order to translate visions into action.

With a target audience of policy makers and professionals working in development both at the international and national level, it presents a global overview and brings in specific local experience - primarily from Kerala in South India - to illustrate important issues.

Evaluation  |  MDGs  |  Monitoring  |  Policies  |  Poverty  |  Programmes