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  1. Innovative sanitation. Case study: the MobiSan approach in informal settlements of Cape Town. (2009)
    Naranjo, Aytor
  2. Institutional arrangements for the decentralization of water services in South Africa (2003)
    Wijesekera, Sanjay
  3. Responding to service level demand: piloting trickle-feed distribution in South Africa (2001)
    Tipping, Jonathan J.
  4. Symposium. Integrated urban water management (IUWM). Increasing dialogue - innovating practice, 1 February 2003, University of Western Cape, City of Cape Town, South Africa (2003)
  5. The White Paper on local government. Issued by the Ministry for Provincial Affairs and Constitutional Development (1998)
    South Africa, Ministry for Provincial Affairs and Constitutional Development; South Africa, Department of Constitutional Development
  6. Evaluation of the EU contribution for financial year 1998/1999 to the Sector Support Programme for Community Water Supply & Sanitation (SSPCWSS) (Financing Agreement SA/73200-98/17) (1999)
  7. PPP and the Poor: Case Study - Dolphin Coast, South Africa. Dolphin Coast water concession * (2002)
    Hemson, David; Batidzirai, Herbert; Sohail, M.
  8. PPP and the Poor: Interim findings - Part B - Case studies * (2001)
    Sohail, M.; Cotton, A.P.
  9. Using cell phones to monitor and evaluate behaviour change through community health clubs in South Africa * (2009)
    Rosenfeld, Jason
  10. Financial viability of operating and maintaining rural water schemes in South Africa (2005)
    Muller, George


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