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  1. Occupational & Environmental Health. Vol.3 No.2 September 1996 (1996)
  2. Policy and planning for water supply in Nigeria - the example of Oyo North Division * (1976)
    Egunjobi, T O
  3. Predictive mehtodology as a tool for planning water and wastewater processes * (1976)
    Reid, G W
  4. Solid waste management and disposal - practical considerations * (1975)
    Marriott, J
  5. Solid waste management for Karachi. A pre-feasibility study prepared with the support of the Urban Resource Centre for the Sindh Governor's Task Force for the Improvement of Municipal Services (2001)
    Hasan, Arif; Ali, Mansoor; Urban Resource Center (URC); Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)
  6. Study of the zabbaleen (garbage workers) in Cairo (1979)
    Howard, James; Fraser, James; OXFAM
  7. The case for citywide IEC strategy for Addis Ababa's solid waste management system * (2009)
    Fekade, T
  8. The evaluation of village water supplies in Lesotho: some preliminary findings * (1976)
    Burns, L
  9. The Oxfam sanitation unit in Bangladesh * (1976)
    Howard, J C
  10. The public helath & economic aspects of composting night soil with municipal waste refuse in tropical Africa * (1976)
    Peel, C


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