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  1. Yemen. Emergency waste assessment * (2015)
    Forni, Olmo; Short, Aiden; Grundy, Ben; Bjerregaard, Martin; Salemdeeb, Ramy; UNDP United Nations Development Programme
  2. Sound management of healthcare waste: a comparative study of Kenya and UK (2008)
    Wanjir, Charles O.
  3. A paper life: Belgrade's Roma in the underworld of waste scavenging and recycling * (2005)
    Simpson-Hebert, Mayling; Mitrovic, Aleksandra; Zajic, Gradamir; Petrovic, Milos
  4. Integrated solid waste management plan. Final assessment report (2004)
    Jeffares & Green Consulting Engineers; Ingerop Africa Consulting Engineers and Project Managers; City of Cape Town, Solid Waste Directorate; USAID US Agency for International Development
  5. Assessing the feasibility a materials recovery facility in enhancing solid waste management in urban areas of Uganda: a case for Mukono Municipality * (2021)
    Kaahwa, Isaac
  6. Evaluation of the San Juan stabilization ponds: final research report of the first phase (1980)
    Yanez, Fabian; Pan American Centre for Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences (CEPIS; International Development Research Centre (IDRC); Pan American Health Organization (PAHO); Peruvian Ministry of Health
  7. Improving management of municipal solid waste in India. Overview and challenges (2006)
    Hanrahan, David; Srivastava, Sanjay; Ramakrishna, A. Sita; World Bank South Asia Region
  8. Informal waste workers on Lagos dumpsites: analysis of gender difference in sources of livelihood * (2015)
    Obadina, A.
  9. Is strategic planning the answer to solid waste management in Accra? [Distance Learning] (2005)
    Duff, Amanda
  10. Miscellaneous Papers from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay (Solid Waste Management Department), and an Outline of Civic Activities (1993)
    India, Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay


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