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  1. The SWS unit for water supply in developing countries * (1976)
    Cansdale, G S
  2. Towards green environment (2012)
    An-Najah National University; Water & Environmental Studies Center (WESC)
  3. Vehicles for people or people for vehicles?: Issues in solid waste collection in low-income countries * (2002)
    Rouse, Jonathan; Ali, Mansoor
  4. Waste management and recycling in Seoul City (2001)
    South Korea, Office of Environment, Waste Management Division
  5. Waste management Botswana. Paper, glass, packaging waste. Report no. 30 (1998)
    Republic of Botswana; National Conservation Strategy (Co-ordinating) Agency; German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
  6. Wastes management as a world problem * (1975)
    Wasmer, H R
  7. Water supply as a world problem * (1975)
    Wood, W E
  8. Dumpsite rehabilitation in Nigeria: case study on Aba-Eku Dumpsite, Ibadan, Oyo State (2007)
    Ajayi, Olugboyega Oluwole
  9. Healthcare or health risks? Risks from healthcare waste to the poor * (2000)
    Appleton, Jenny; Ali, Mansoor; Woodfield, Julie
  10. Lebanon. Post-conflict environmental assessment * (2007)
    UNEP; United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


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