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  1. Value from faecal sludge and municipal organic waste: fertilizer cum soil conditioner in Ghana * (2014)
    Impraim, Robert
  2. Why faecal sludge management matters and what needs to be done to serve poor communities better * (2014)
    Blackett, Isabel C.
  3. A novel wastewater treatment ecotechnology to improve environmental sanitation in urban slums * (2016)
    Manzoor-Al-Islam, Saief
  4. Disposal of wastewater from cholera treatment centres [Distance Learning] (2013)
    Smithers, Stephanie Jane
  5. Textile wastewater treatment and management in Eldoret, Kenya (1986)
    Sewe, P.O.
  6. Wastewater treatment aspects of textile manufacture: Thailand (1982)
    Puncharoen, S.
  7. A review of policy and standards for wastewater reuse in agriculture. Part 2: a Latin American perspective * (2000)
    Blumenthal, Ursula J.; Peasey, Anne; Mara, D. Duncan; Ruiz-Palacios, Guillermo; Saywell, Darren
  8. Guidelines for wastewater reuse in agriculture and aquaculture: Part 1 - Recommended revisions based on new research evidence * (2000)
    Blumenthal, Ursula J.; Peasey, Anne; Ruiz-Palacios, Guillermo; Mara, D. Duncan; Saywell, Darren
  9. G030: Septic tank and aqua-privy design * (2014)
    Reed, Bob; Medland, Louise; Reed, Brian; Shaw, Rod
  10. Water management in small breweries (applied to Taquina S.A. Brewery) (1988)
    Rocha-Cuadros, J.C.


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