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  1. Design approach of the Blantyre wastewater treatment plant; Malawi; using the Ed-Wave tool * (2009)
    Chipofya, Victor
  2. Sensitivity analysis in activated sludge simulation models (1996)
    Mahanani, Edhi S.
  3. Water pollution survey with an ultra light aircraft, Colombo: final report (1986)
    BKH Consulting Engineers; Netherlands, Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning and Environment; Sri Lanka, Central Environmental Authority
  4. Low-cost biomass as novel adsorbents for the removal of heavy metal ions from industrial wastewater used for crop irrigation in developing countries * (2017)
    Mohammed, Sadeeq Abubakar
  5. Study on the potential re-use of sludge produced at the wastewater treatment plant in Baie Du Tombeau - Mauritius [Distance Learning] (2014)
    Dowlol, Devanand
  6. Biodiesel production from Jatropha cultivation using treated wastewater in Accra, Ghana (2007)
    Oluwo, Remilekun Ganiat
  7. Estimating relative benefits of differing strategies for management of wastewater in lower Egypt using quantitative microbial risk analysis (QMRA). Final report * (2012)
    Evans, Barbara; Iyer, Param; University of Leeds; Water Partnership Program (WPP)
  8. Wastewater management for Asmara municipality in Eritrea (1998)
    Tesfai, Petros
  9. Wastewater stabilisation ponds ( for treatment of municipal waste in Zambia) (1982)
    Kavimba, H.J.
  10. Greywater reuse in schools: guidance manual (2007)
    National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI); United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)


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