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  1. Research on domestic water consumption: a field study in Harbin, China (2007)
    Lu, Tingyi
  2. Urban environmental services master plan for Lucknow 1996 - 2021. Report on unaccounted for water. Gomti River Pollution Control Project at Lucknow - Phase 1 (1997)
    Binnie Thames Water; Uttar Pradesh, Department of Urban Development; India, Ministry of Environment and Forests; DFID
  3. Water demand management: water conservation awareness among consumers in Brunei (2012)
    Haji Ibrahim, Haji Ashrulsuhardy
  4. Water quality assessment of community-managed rural water systems in northern Pakistan * (2021)
    Shah, Attaullah
  5. Urban Water Supply. One WASH plus learning module in support of the One WASH National Programme * (2016)
    OpenWASH; Open University (OU); One WASH National Programme (OWNP); Ethiopia, Government of
  6. Water quality at West Amman: perceptions vs. reality (2006)
    Al-Zu'bi, Lana Ahmad
  7. Assessment of water resources and management for Moi University (1992)
    Kandie, D.K.
  8. Feasibility study and preliminary design of surface water utilization in Damboa District, Borno State, Nigeria (1986)
    Satumari, Apagu
  9. Domestic water security in Rajasthan, India: insights on gender, social inequity and water management practices * (2021)
    Hemani, Rushabh
  10. G014: Sanitary Surveying * (2015)
    Smith, M.D.; Shaw, Rod


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