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  1. Water quality. Part 1 - requirements for drinking water. Ghana Standard DGS 175-PT1
    Ghana Standards Board
  2. Estimated use of water in the United States in 1995 (1998)
    Solley, Wayne B.; Pierce, Robert R.; Perlman, Howard A.; US Department of the Interior; US Geological Survey
  3. Nigerian standard for drinking water quality. ICS 13.060.20 * (2007)
    Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)
  4. Regional land and water resources development planning study. Volume 2. Integrated catchment management strategy. R2/1: Strategic framework for integrated natural resource management. R2/1/1: Fundamental principles for integrated natural resource management. R2/1/2: Fundamental principles (responses as at 1st June 1999) for integrated natural resource management (1999)
    Adeniji, F.A.; Afremedev Consultancy Services Ltd; Federal Government of Nigeria; Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund
  5. User acceptance: the key to evaluating SODIS and other methods for household water treatment and safe storage * (2009)
    Luzi, Samuel
  6. Water for low-income urban communities (A WEDC Guidance Note) (2001)
    Forrest, Caroline; Ince, Margaret
  7. Water metering planning and practices (1992)
    Buenfil R, Mario O.
  8. Water resources in Oman (2005)
    Oman, Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources
  9. Exploring the bottom end of the water ladder * (2011)
    Sutton, Sally
  10. Issues and challenges of decaying urban water infrastructure in Nigeria * (2011)
    Otun, Johnson


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