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  1. 'Building back better' water supply infrastructures: a case study of Bhuj, India (2012)
    Machuel, Damien
  2. "A hole in the ground" Assessing factors which affect sustainability of hand dug wells - with special reference to Madagascar * (201)
    Catling, Andy
  3. A better strategy for rural water supply in Liberia (1989)
    Yarngo, George K.
  4. A guide to the management of construction of rural water supply projects in Kilimanjaro region (1985)
    Marandu, R.C.
  5. A model for the planning and design of low income settlement projects (1996)
    Demissie, Eskendir Alemseged
  6. A practical examination of water quality: studying the Burleigh Brook (2006)
    Huang, Yuchang
  7. A private water agency for rural water supply management. A study of Sonees for Mpal Fass Rao and Gandiol water supply management (Saint Louis), Senegal (1994)
    Danfakha, Kemokho
  8. A programme for comprehensive rural water supply in the eastern province of Sierra Leone (1988)
    O'Sullivan, M.A.
  9. A review of appropriate solar desalination options for Jordan [Distance Learning] (2016)
    Monnard, Gilbert
  10. A review of customer relations management in Department of Water Services, Brunei Darussalam (2011)
    Shahbudin, Nurul Izzah Arpan


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