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  1. Accelerating self supply. A case study from Mali * (2010)
    Sutton, Sally; Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN)
  2. Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit (due process) - a mechanism for combating corruption in infrastructure delivery in Nigeria: Case study * (2007)
    Aduda, Gabriel T.; Sohail, M.
  3. Case study report on solid waste management for Baroda Municipal Corporation (Ahmedabad component of ODA sponsored course on solid waste management 6/1/92 - 24/1/92) (1992)
    Soni, Shri S.L; Basha, Shri A.Asmath
  4. Potential of rainwater harvesting for housing colonies in Kathmandu, Nepal: a case study (2013)
    Durbec, Sacha
  5. Poverty and ecosystems: prototype assessment and reporting method - Kenya case study * (2007)
    Duraiappah, Anantha Kumar; Roy Marlene; International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
  6. Shocking imagery and cultural sensitivity: a CLTS case study from Madagascar * (2016)
    Lomas, Bethany
  7. Still paying the price: revisiting the cholera epidemic of 2000 - 2001 in South Africa (2006)
    Hemson, David; Dube, Bongi; Mbele, Thami; Nnadozie, Remigius; Ngcobo, Dumisani; Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)
  8. The gender approach to water management: Lessons learnt around the globe. Findings of an electronic conference series convened by the Gender and Water Alliance January-September 2002 * (2003)
    Maharaj, Niala; Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)
  9. Willingness to pay for WASH education services: a case study in Honduras * (2016)
    Coff, Brittany
  10. Advocacy manual for gender and water ambassadors: Guidelines - lobbying, speeches, conferences;Training Module; Case Studies * (2003)
    Lidonde, Rose Atemo; De Jong, Dick; Barot, Nafisa; Nahar, Begum Shamsun; Maharaj, Niala; Derbyshire, Helen; Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)


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