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  1. The gender approach to water management: Lessons learnt around the globe. Findings of an electronic conference series convened by the Gender and Water Alliance January-September 2002 * (2003)
    Maharaj, Niala; Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)
  2. The management of weeds in irrigation and drainage channels * (1997)
    Smout, I.K; Wade, P.M.; Barker, P.J; Ferguson, C.M
  3. The role of engineers in the demand responsive approach: A case study from South Africa (A WEDC MSc study in International Development) * (2001)
    Bos, Annette; Bos, J.J.; Smout, Ian
  4. Transport development in Dhaka and the forgotten millions (2005)
    Rouse, Jonathan; Ali, Mansoor
  5. Water and NGOs: Proceedings of an ODA workshop held at Loughborough University 10 June 1996 * (1996)
    Smout, Ian
  6. Water and sanitation for disabled people and other vulnerable groups: Designing services to improve accessibility [also available in French] - CD * (2005)
    Jones, Hazel; Reed, Bob
  7. Water for low-income urban communities (A WEDC Guidance Note) (2001)
    Forrest, Caroline; Ince, Margaret
  8. Willingness-to-pay surveys - a streamlined approach: Guidance notes for small town water services * (2003)
    Wedgwood, Alison; Sansom, Kevin
  9. G002FR: Catastrophes et situations d’urgence: définitions, impacts et réponse * (2014)
    Reed, Brian; Bosher, Lee; Shaw, Rod
  10. Lessons learned from NGO experiences in the water and sanitation sector: Water and NGOs workshop, 21 January 1998 * (1999)
    Smout, Ian; Parry-Jones, Sarah


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